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In this modern age of Computer designed Specials Effects, one thing has increasingly become very clear,... you can't do it all in a computer.

Previously, there were very few alternatives. You either used Physical Effects, Optical Effects or some combination of both,.... but most all major Special Effects were Physical in nature.

Today many producers labor under the assumption that you can do all your Special Effects Digitally in the computer. What they end up discovering is that this simply isn't true. There are many effects that look better, are faster to achieve and, in many cases are, actually cheaper to produce than comparable digitally generated elements.
Of course in many cases the opposite, also holds true, there are things that can be created with computer technology that are either to costly, to dangerous or are simply impossible to achieve by other means.

The key, of course, is having the experince to know which elements should be created physically and which should be digital.
There are a number of Effects Supervisors who posess this knowledge but very few effects houses which posses BOTH Physical and Digital capabilities. What this means is the production has to hire two (or more) companies to produce the effects needed for the show.

This is where VFXLAB stands out above other Boutique Effects shops.
With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry VFXLAB has the experience, capabilites and talent to do it all under one roof! Saving both time and money!We offer the complete package from concept, planning and VFX Supervision to ensure your story is told effectively and within budget.

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Thanks, Bob Wasson
VFX Supervisor

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